by Craig Kasper



The answers to each of the three sets of clues (LUCKY / LUCID / DICKY, CUBIT / CUBED / DEBIT and TRAMS / TRAIL / LIAMS) form 5-letter words that overlap in the configuration shown below:

L   D      C   D       T   L
 U I        U E         R I
  C          B           A
  K          I           M
  Y          T           S

The puzzle is solved by determining a labelling of the cubelets of a Rubik's Cube that spells each of these formations when the indicated turns (clockwise or counterclockwise) are made to an initially solved cube, and the indicated corner is examined. In all cases, the color of the arrows refer to the center faces of the Rubik's cube.

On the configuration that achieves this, the answer BISMARCK is spelt clockwise on the white face of the solved cube: