Reduce, Recycle

by Nathan Fung with the assistance of Joseph DeVincentis and Justin Kao



Each image is of an object that corresponds to an email that had been sent to after the Hunt start.

The email texts read as follows:

Subject: [Reuse] One pad of tracing paper

One pad of tracing paper, partly used to trace photos of Hawaii (not included).
On bench outside 32-123.

Subject: [Reuse] fire marshal cap One red Fire Marshal cap that can be donned, on table outside 12-142. T&P
Subject: [Reuse] Star Wars cards Dear Reuse, See a box outside 12-142 for two decks of Star Wars playing cards.
Subject: [Reuse] Batman figurine On a bench outside 4-350a: mini Batman with punching action, great for fighting corruption! Take and post.
Subject: [Reuse] garlic mints One tin of garlic mints, to prevent you from being bitten. On the bench outside 3-245. Take and post.

Each email text (excluding sender email addresses) has one word in it that has a double letter. In order of the pictures shown, these letters spell out the answer INERT.