The Thin Red Line

by Greg Lohman and Graham Wright

The photos are all taken on the Freedom Trail, a trail through Boston marked with a red line. The photos can be placed in that order starting in the southwest. Each photo shows three letters of a path on another red line, the MBTA's Red Line train. Taking the letter after the three-letter block for each stop in Freedom Trail order spells LIVY OR HERODOTUS, E.G. This clues the answer HISTORIAN.

Freedom Trail Site Trigram Red Line Stop Next Letter
Boston Common NHI Savin Hill L
State House DAV Davis I
Park Street Church GRO Cedar Grove V
Granary Burying Ground DWA Broadway Y
King's Chapel SHM Ashmont O
King's Chapel Burying Ground KST Park Street R
First Public School Site/Ben Franklin Statue OUT South Station H
Old Corner Bookstore WIF Alewife E
Old South Meeting House INT Braintree R
Old State House WNT Downtown Crossing O
Site of the Boston Massacre VAR Harvard Square D
Faneuil Hall DSC Fields Corner O
Paul Revere House WMU Shawmut T
Old North Church JFK JFK/UMass U
Copp's Hill Burying Ground DAM Quincy Adams S
USS Constitution NDR Andrew E
Bunker Hill Monument ESM Charles/MGH G