The Spotlight Dance

by Foggy Brume
Answer: MITER

At the start of the hunt, the MIT homepage looked like this:

And this image was added to the Spotlight gallery (

Each small cutout is taken from one of the past spotlights shown in this gallery. In order, from left to right:

Each of these cutouts depict part of the M, I, or T in that logo, and lines up with one of the circles taken from the larger spotlight. The letters from those circles can be read (roughly) left to right, top to bottom so that a word is spelled left to right on top and right to left on bottom.

   H E A D
 M=- - - - 
   E R E H
   G E A R
 I=- - - -
   E K I L
   T Y P E
 T=- - - -
   E R O M

The clue reads HEAD GEAR TYPE MORE LIKE HERE. The answer is MITER (as in "MIT-er").

This image shows where the spotlights correspond to.