The Sexaholics of Truthteller Planet

Each inhabitant of Veritas 7, better known as the Truthteller Planet, manifests one of two mutations: Gnytte or Mnaivv. Gnyttes always tell the truth, and Mnaivvs always lie. Once born a Gnytte or Mnaivv, the inhabitant can never change...until now.

Veritas 7 is in the midst of an outbreak of a nasty virus dubbed Nallyums Complex II. If an infected inhabitant has sex with another inhabitant of that planet, each one can be converted from Gnytte to Mnaivv, or Mnaivv to Gnytte, as shown below:

This occurs if either party or both parties have the disease. The disease itself is not transmitted via sex, which is some relief.

Several members of a Veritas 7 village have just contracted Nallyums Complex II. Below are statements from the 15 village residents, taken over the 5-day period since the outbreak. Interviews were taken each morning, and sex occured only at night. Each night, residents paired off to form seven separate copulating couples, with one individual left out. No individual was left out for more than one night.

Can you identify the infected individuals and track their pattern of sexual activity?

A note on wording: If someone refers to sex with someone who was a Gnytte or Mnaivv, they are referring to the individual's truth-telling status just before sex. If a clue says that two individuals had sex, it means they had sex with each other. "Mutation" refers to the individual's current status as Gnytte or Mnaivv.

Interviews Day 1

Surveillance Night 1

Security cameras revealed that Jax-7 did not have sex with anyone last night, and that Nebulose and Murgatroid had sex.

Interviews Day 2

Surveillance Night 2

Security cameras revealed that Holyoid did not have sex with anyone last night, and that Irono and Oliver had sex.

Interviews Day 3

Surveillance Night 3

Security cameras revealed that Dent and Jax-7 had sex.

Interviews Day 4

Surveillance Night 4

Security cameras have been vandalized.

Interviews Day 5