The Buzz-Cut Man in a Leather Jacket

This is absolutely fantastic, boppin' all about in Zyzzlvaria. But we seem to have a tiny bit of a problem.

After you've located the missing grid (with the help of my Companion, of course), you'll want to number it. Place the numbers 1-15 in the grid in consecutive squares in the same column, with #1 at the top of the grid.

The answers to each cluster of clues form a continuous string, with each answer immediately following its predecessor. Place these letter strings into the grid, one letter per square, starting at the indicated number. It's up to you to determine the path each string takes (each one turns once or twice), but the grid itself should help in that regard.

Each square in the grid is used exactly once. Words don’t overlap or intersect.

1a Straight talk
b Deceive via flirtation: 2 wds.
c Magazine output
d Prohibitionists
e Jupiter’s largest moon
2a Murphy Brown star: 2 wds.
b ___ Lama
c Bring home
d Sot
e Keaton-Garr comedy
3a Medal ceremony music
b Uncle Vanya playwright Chekhov
c Cryptonomicon author Stephenson
d Member of the Three Graces that shares her name with a genus in the Mahogany family
e Pageant headwear
f Requiring a mackintosh
4a Chauvinist’s character flaw
b He gets the ball to the punter: 2 wds.
c Nirvana’s first label
d Enter forcefully
5a University based in Garden City, Long Island
b Regard
c Plantations
d Drag through the mud
e Pacific atoll that was the site of a November, 1943 battle
6a Front man for The Medicine Show: 2 wds.
b As though exposed to poison ivy
c Lillehammer successor
d Slave driver found in Shadowmoon Valley
e Buying into a poker hand
7a Church changing area
b Microbe-free
c Pico más alto en los Pirineos
d Stick-to-itiveness
e Practices for a prizefight
8a Like your heart during a first date
b 1968 NBA MVP & ROY Wes
c Futzes (with)
d A bully may give you a purple one
e Dramashop production
9a Serve more soup
b 2008 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Dick
c Not too much trouble, all things considered: 2 wds.
d Optical device
10a Participate in a conspiracy
b Under-the-table income for a deejay
c "99 Luftballons" singer
d Dog's virtue
e Cuisinart competitor
11a Zildjian striker
b Arboretum feature
c Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, and Die Hard org.
d Bowling alley prizes
e Units of magnetic induction
12a Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into Rick’s
b Grps.
c Car manufacturer whose slogan is “Born from Jets”
d "You’ll either solve this clue or you won’t," for example
e Hose material
f Stiff wind
13a Silicate found in capacitors and high voltage insulators
b Purple-flowered shrubs
c Gangster’s girl
d Amanda Bynes version of Twelfth Night: 3 wds.
e Pickup truck accessory
14a Monday Night Football channel
b Symbol for the polygamma function
c Musician Lovett
d Explorer Magellan
e Undoing of the Titanic
f Draws to a close
15a Possessing cultural value as a symbol
b Soviet Union newspaper
c 340.29 meters per second: 2 wds.
d Panache
e Stud muffin