Space Madness

"I think these lights are getting to me. I keep seeing things that aren't supposed to be there."

a. Committing international perjury (5)
b. Inside a neural cell (5)
c. Possible result of executives sacking someone (6)
d. Item used by aboriginal shamen in an online game (5)
e. "You Can't Make Me Sick" artist (4)
f. Mule that danced on Heather Mills's piano (6)
g. Suffering from pericardial heart pangs (8)
h. Like an excited child or a hexadecimal clock (5-2)
i. Half a hogshead of Australian wine (6)
j. Cruise ship feature from 1988 (8)
k. Sobe echinacea beverage made with pineapple and mango (5)
l. You can be arrested for this remark (5)
m. Elastic material used to make candles (3)
n. Source that's airing Behind Enemy Lines (4)
o. Herbie Hancock drinking song (9)
p. Detroit football player Barry (4)
q. One who waits expectantly at the Playboy Club (5)
r. Tourist group founded by the Careys (9)
s. Warrant officer, pejoratively (3)
t. Shoulder the burden of eternity (4)
u. Electric shade of yellow (6)
v. Word preceding backwards name (3)
w. Elderly lady, in British slang (4)
x. The X-Men series is set near this city in New York (7)
y. What Randy Jackson might call "Embraceable You" (3)
z. Villain who ran smuggling for the mayor of Gotham (7)