Space Ghosts, Coast to Coast

The Creche Koalabird is always staring into mirrors, which leads to its reputation for vanity. But our zoologists have discovered another reason for its behavior: It is watching for space ghosts.

Each square in the Vampire, Ghost, and Zombie grids will be filled with either a letter or a diagonal mirror that's reflective on both sides. Place these letters and mirrors such that the answers to each clue or string of clues will follow a path that starts at the appropriate white letter on a black background, travels straight into the grid, bounces off each mirror it encounters (making a 90 degree turn in the proper direction), and eventually exits at the corresponding black letter on a gray background. Each square, whether it contains a letter or a mirror, will be used exactly twice.


A. 1-800-Cash-Call's is 99.25%: Abbr.
B. What's My Line? mainstay Francis; The Giant Ocean Tank has one
C. It bothered a princess
D. Govern; More in Spanish
E. "Dear ____:"
F. Mythological being
G. What a Windows user may need cleaned
H. View from ______; Pig's digs
I. Slices of a pizza that's been cut four times, e.g.
J. Poi ingredient; What a gin player can take: 2 wds.
K. A source of lemons: 2 wds.
L. How some pharmaceuticals are obtained: Abbr.
M. Movie adapted from a Shakespeare work
N. Mash into pulp; Smooth transition; Do a lot of damage to; Part of a race; Net addresses: Abbr.
O. Narc's agency: Abbr.
P. Like pi, as opposed to i


A. Purse brand; What the sheep says
B. When repeated, a dolphinfish
C. Little bit; Grampa Simpson
D. Thin pastry dough: Var.; Fold
E. Eighth World Chess Champion Mikhail; Nervous spasms
F. Ornate drinking cup
G. The limit, as N approaches infinity, of (1 + 1/N)^N
H. Spew
I. In the middle of nowhere
J. It's right after viernes; Headwear that may accompany kilts
K. Distraught
L. Fool or deceive
M. Points of religion?
N. Himmler commanded it: Abbr.
O. Unchanging
P. First murder victim; Fertile soil; Mon's successor: Abbr.; Controversial relief org.: Abbr.


A. French bread
B. It's far from land: 2 wds.
C. Video game company: Abbr.
D. Deal with an actor's departure, in a way
E. Homophone of the second answer in L; Legendary Central Square nightclub demolished in 2005
F. Happen again; Caesar's accusation: 2 wds.
G. Tippy-top
H. Most northeast county in Massachusetts; John McClane's alias in Die Hard
I. Tigger's creator
J. Nightmarish street; The E in BPOE
K. HBO biopic that garnered Angelina Jolie a Golden Globe; Dipsomaniacs
L. In _____ of; Homophone of the first answer in E
M. Practiced animal husbandry
N. On Lost, Hurley has said this single-word catchphrase more than 200 times; Substance
O. The Second was 300,000 nobles in France
P. More delectable


To fill the Frankenstein grid: