Sorry, Wrong Number

by Dan Katz, Nikki Akraboff, Lorinne Lampert, and Stephen Peters, performed by the Zyzzlvaria Chorus

Each set of clips can be reordered to form a sequence of lyrics from a Broadway musical, being sung to the tune of a different song from the same musical. One clip (always one word) is denoted by TRA, while the others are denoted by LA and alphabetized. Solvers need to determine the lyrics that should actually be sung to the tune, and figure out which of those words should be sung at the moment specified by the TRA clip. (Some melodies correspond to different lyrics in different parts of the songs, but the TRA word is always consistent.) The words determined in this way, in the order the sets are given, are BUT NOW THEY KNOW THEIR FRIEND IS GONE FOR GOOD SONG. "But now they know their friend is gone for good" is a lyric from the Oklahoma song PORE JUD IS DAID.