Reverse Dimension Doctor 8

by Stephen Peters

Companion Half: His Cardiologist, Dr. Grace Holloway

All the patients are characters from movies, who can be matched to the actors who played them. Each blood pressure reading consists of a systolic (upper) and diastolic (lower) number. Each diastolic number is shared by two names on the patient list, and the two characters sharing the diastolic lead to a movie featuring both actors. The difference in systolic numbers is an index into the title.

Dia. Character 1 Actor 1 Character 2 Actor 2 Δ Syst. Shared Film
61 Flick, Tracy (Election) Reese Witherspoon Atchison, Bill (The First Wives Club) Victor Garber 2 L(e)gally Blonde
62 Cooper, Zane (Maverick) James Garner Hill, Prof. Harold (The Music Man) Robert Preston 1 (V)ictor/Victoria
63 Schumacher, Max (Network) William Holden Ashling, Sunya (The Love of Sunya) Gloria Swanson 5 Suns(e)t Blvd.
64 Bales, C.D. (Roxanne) Steve Martin Powers, Nigel (Austin Powers in Goldmember) Michael Caine 3 Di(r)ty Rotten Scoundrels
65 Peterson, Albert F. (Bye Bye Birdie) Dick van Dyke Goldfinger, Auric (Goldfinger) Gert Fröbe 6 Chitt(y) Chitty Bang Bang
66 Dvorak, Jody (Kitten with a Whip) Ann-Margret Kingsland, Gerald (Castaway) Oliver Reed 2 T(o)mmy
67 Jefferies, L.B. (Rear Window) James Stewart Tyler, Bowen (The Land That Time Forgot) Doug McClure 4 She(n)andoah
68 Dandelion, Dick (Dear Wendy) Jamie Bell Weasley, Molly (Harry Potter) Julie Walters 6 Billy (E)lliot
69 Von Bülow, Claus (Reversal of Fortune) Jeremy Irons Small-Fawcett, Nigel (Never Say Never Again) Rowan Atkinson 6 The Li(o)n King
70 Finn, Dewey (The School of Rock) Jack Black Ayala, Helena (Traffic) Catherine Zeta-Jones 5 High (F)idelity
71 Micacci, Pupina (Mani in alto) Dorian Gray Gailland, Gérard (Docteur Fran├žoise Gailland) François Périer 5 Nigh(t)s of Cabiria
72 Renaldi, Queen Clarisse (The Princess Diaries) Julie Andrews Coplin, Pearl (Flirting with Disaster) Mary Tyler Moore 8 Thoroug(h)ly Modern Millie
73 Jessep, Col. Nathan (A Few Good Men) Jack Nicholson Futterman, Sheila (Gremlins) Jackie Joseph 9 The Littl(e) Shop of Horrors
74 Carlyle, Tina (The Mask) Cameron Diaz Toulour, François (Ocean's Twelve) Vincent Cassel 1 (S)hrek
75 Fitch, Rankin (Runaway Jury) Gene Hackman Von Shtupp, Lili (Blazing Saddles) Madeline Kahn 11 Young Frank(e)nstein
76 Gilbreth, Ann (Cheaper by the Dozen) Jeanne Crain Gannon, Capt. Bill (Dragnet) Harry Morgan 6 State (F)air
77 Carruthers, Dr. Paul (The Devil Bat) Bela Lugosi Valbret, Yvonne (Inspiration) Greta Garbo 2 N(i)notchka
78 Swinger, Gaye (Looking for Love) Barbara Nichols Barker, Maj. Asa (Go Tell the Spartans) Burt Lancaster 9 Sweet Sme(l)l of Success
79 Garfield, Shrieking Eagle (All Hands on Deck) Buddy Hackett Brady, Greg (The Brady Bunch) Christopher Daniel Barnes 10 The Little (M)ermaid
80 O'Neill, Flame (Champagne for Caesar) Celeste Holm Nordley, Linda (Mogambo) Grace Kelly 5 High (S)ociety
81 Kjergen, Bjergen (Wayne's World 2) Drew Barrymore Veatch, Kate (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) Christine Taylor 4 The (W)edding Singer
82 Vega, Vincent (Pulp Fiction) John Travolta Flekman, Bobbi (This is Spinal Tap) Fran Drescher 7 Saturd(a)y Night Fever
83 McCoy, Hogger (Rock Island Trail) Chill Wills O'Shaughnessy, Brigid (The Maltese Falcon) Mary Astor 9 Meet Me in (S)t. Louis
84 Scissorhands, Edward (Edward Scissorhands) Johnny Depp Cameron, Beverly (Paradise, Texas) Polly Bergen 2 C(r)y-Baby
85 Whittaker, Phil (Woman of the Year) Roscoe Karns Tsarakov, Vladimar Ivan (The Mad Genius) John Barrymore 3 Tw(e)ntieth Century
86 Levene, Shelley (Glengarry Glenn Ross) Jack Lemmon Brainard, Prof. Ned (The Absent-Minded Professor) Fred MacMurray 9 The Apart(m)ent
87 Olsson, Sandy (Grease) Olivia Newton-John Brady, Joseph (Anchors Aweigh) Gene Kelly 2 X(a)nadu
88 Muffley, Pres. Merkin (Dr. Strangelove) Peter Sellers Otterbourne, Salome (Death on the Nile) Angela Lansbury 8 The Worl(d) of Henry Orient
89 Lynn, Loretta (Coal Miner's Daughter) Sissy Spacek Scott, Dixie (Tender Mercies) Betty Buckley 6 Carri(e)
90 Pokrifki, Paula (An Officer and a Gentleman) Debra Winger Mancuso, Cmdr. Bart (The Hunt for Red October) Scott Glenn 4 Urb(a)n Cowboy
91 McKee, Valentine (Tremors) Kevin Bacon Lake, Nathalie (Mars Attacks!) Sarah Jessica Parker 8 Footloo(s)e
92 Fishpaw, Francine (Polyester) Divine Overstreet, Knox Josh Charles (Dead Poets Society) 8 Hairspr(a)y

The indexed letters in the title name gives the clue EVERY ONE OF THESE FILMS WAS REMADE AS A..., and the cardiogram indicates the word lengths of the Companion answer, BROADWAY MUSICAL. (A few of the films underwent a name change on their way to Broadway: The World of Henry Orient became Henry, Sweet Henry, The Apartment became Promises, Promises, Nights of Cabiria became Sweet Charity, Twentieth Century became On the Twentieth Century, and Ninotchka turned into Silk Stockings. Nights of Cabiria is also known as Le Notti di Cabiria, and the indexing is the same.)

Doctor Half: The Dashing Chap with Bouts of Amnesia, the Eighth Doctor

The numbers to the left and right of each grid row match a diastolic reading in the companion puzzle.Take the two referenced films from the companion puzzle, convert them to the names of their Broadway incarnations, and use the Internet Broadway Database or something similar to find the name of the actor appearing in both Broadway shows. For example, the first line gives 78 and 64, which indicate Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Sweet Smell of Success in the Companion half. The actor appearing in both is JOHN LITHGOW, who can be entered into the grid on that row. The resulting grid is:

  JOHN LITHGOW         
     KEVIN CAHOON      
         DON AMECHE    
           GEORGE HEARN
          JENN COLELLA 
          JOHN CULLUM  
        MARC KUDISCH   
    KERRY BUTLER       

Reading down the common column, you get the clue WHEATON SNAKE FILM. Wil Wheaton was in the snake film that's the Doctor answer, PYTHON.

Doctor and Companion Clue:

The combined clue is PYTHON BROADWAY MUSICAL, and the Monty Python musical on Broadway is SPAMALOT.