Reverse Dimension Doctor 5

by Zack Butler

Companion Half: His Airline Hostess, Tegan Jovanka

Each of Tegan's assignments can be matched to four or five cities from the list. The airport codes for those cities form words with a letter or two missing (four cities -> 13 letters with one missing, five cities -> 17 with two missing). The words are:

  1. superdeleGate
  2. invOluntarily
  3. nitrogLycerin
  4. corresponDent
  5. proBlematical
  6. unsympathEtic
  7. theAtriCalization
  8. arcHitectural
  9. inoFfensively
  10. somnolEscence
  11. extRaordinary
  12. choreoGrapher
  13. incorrUptibly
  14. conScientiOusness
  15. traNsformable
  16. preSbyterians
  17. ornitholoGist
  18. perpendicUlar
  19. industriaLism
  20. sufFocatingly

The missing letters taken in order spell GOLDBEACHFERGUSONSGULF. Gold Beach, Oregon has the airport code GOL, and Ferguson's Gulf, Kenya is FER. These add together for the Companion answer GOLFER.

Doctor Half: The Sensitive Man Wearing a Cricketer's Uniform and a Celery Stalk on his Lapel, the Fifth Doctor

This ball-by-ball commentary of a cricket match has the balls out of order. If you take the balls in order by the order that the cities were used in the Companion puzzle (i.e. since SUP was the first city in the first assignment, and city #31 in the list, you take ball #31 as the first ball of the innings), you can reconstruct the order of play. You then map out where each ball was fielded, making sure to note that the locations of fielding positions depend on the handedness of the batsman (and that alternate overs are delivered from opposite ends of the pitch, but our viewpoint remains constant, in the media centre). Each over will trace out a letter, as shown below:

These letters spell the Doctor answer ELIZABETHTOWN.

Doctor and Companion Clue:

The combined clue is ELIZABETHTOWN GOLFER, and the PGA Tour golfer from Elizabethtown, Kentucky is KENNY PERRY.