Reverse Dimension Doctor 4

by Thomas Snyder and Mike Selinker

Companion Half: His Alien Barbarian Girl and Her Robot Dog, Leela and K-9

The companion half is a Paint-By-Number (Nonogram) variation. K-9 views the clues from the top, but like non-robotic canines he is colorblind, so he only reports consecutive black segments. Leela can see the different colors from the left, though they are not necessarily separated by white space. By solving the puzzles and assigning colors, you will see the Companion answer SUBCONTINENT in black letters. The colored numbers are the additional information for the Doctor half.

Doctor Half: The Energetic Man Sporting a Very Long Scarf, the Fourth Doctor

The Doctor's words are stitched onto his famously long colored scarf. He is offering prescriptions for various sports teams, one prescription per scarf segment of the color given in the Paint-By-Number. While each team can be identified without the Companion half, you need the name of the player with that team's retired jersey number present in the Paint-By-Number part. A purple 1 for the Utah Jazz is thus Frank Layden. The assignments are as follows:

Utah Jazz's purple 1: Frank LAYDEN
Oakland Raiders' silver 00: Jim OTTO
Calgary Flames' red 30: Mike VERNON
New York Knicks' blue 33: Patrick EWING
Cleveland Indians' red 21: Bob LEMON
Boston Bruins' yellow 7: Phil ESPOSITO
New York Mets' blue 41: Tom SEAVER
Pittsburgh Pirates' yellow 8: Willie STARGELL
Chicago Bears' orange 41: Brian PICCOLO
Denver Nuggets' gold 44: Dan ISSEL
Baltimore Orioles' orange 22: Jim PALMER
St. Louis Blues' blue 8: Bob PLAGER
Oakland Athletics' yellow 43: Dennis ECKERSLEY
New York Jets' green 12: Joe NAMATH

Using the initial letters of the last names, the scarf helps enumerate this message as LOVE-LESS PIPPEN. The Chicago Bulls have a retired number for Scottie Pippen (33) and one for Bob Love (10). 33 - 10 = 23, which clues another Bulls player who is the Doctor's answer, Michael JORDAN.

Doctor and Companion Clue:

The combined clue is JORDAN SUBCONTINENT, which is the MIDDLE EAST.