Reverse Dimension Doctor 1

by Mike Selinker and Dan Katz

Companion Half: His Worshipful Handmaiden, Katarina

In each Greek mythology figure's four red blanks, a word related to the character's sphere may be placed. The blue spaces may be filled with the message DELETE THE M IN A PERSON THAT INCINERATES A BODY. A person that incinerates a body is a CREMATOR, and deleting an M gets the Companion half answer, CREATOR.

Doctor Half: The Frail Old Man with an Abrasive Personality, The First Doctor

The Doctor is only interested in legendary figures that are human (no gods, demigods, spirits, titans, or monsters). These are, in order from top to bottom: Agamemnon, Pygmalion, Daedalus, Hermione, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Penelope, Antigone, Theseus, Orestes, Damocles, Orpheus, Cassandra, Hippolyta, Bellerophon, and Odysseus. Reading the humans' letters from the DELETE THE M IN A PERSON THAT INCINERATES A BODY message in the century order spells THE TEMPLE/ECHO BAY, two places on Nevada's Lake Mead. So the Doctor half answer is LAKE MEAD.

Doctor and Companion Clue

The combined clue is LAKE MEAD CREATOR, and the creator of Lake Mead is the HOOVER DAM.