Pimp Your Starcrafts

by Ken Stern and Mike Selinker

Each of the sixteen starcrafts from hulls and interiors. Specifically, each starcraft is constructed of one palindromic string inside another palindromic string, as in KR(ONO)ARK or ST(ARCRA)FTS. Each word you make is clued in one of the option descriptions, as follows:

Also in each description is a proper name of a starcraft equipment brand, which is also the last name of a famous person with a palindromic first name, except the last name is missing one letter. The last names are in alphabetical order by first name, to aid in identification. For each answer, take the nth letter of the answer, where n is the position of the letter missing from the last name:

These letters spell out UNITE REBER AND MEM. When you put REBER and MEM together in the fashion of the starcrafts, you get RE(MEM)BER.