Now Is the Time on Kronos When We Dance

by Kaitlyn Chantry and Dan Katz
Answer: LEGACY

Each clip is from one of the ten movies featuring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The clips contain no lyrics, but can be identified by plot, costume, and set elements. Each set of blanks can be filled with the first names of Fred and Ginger's characters in the film, starting at the footprints—except Ginger's are entered backwards, in accordance with the mimicked Frank & Ernest cartoon which asserted that Ginger did everything Fred did, but backwards and high heels. From each pair, the minus sign suggests the absolute difference in the letters in the blue squares, which spells SCOTT FILM HAS JACK AND LANA. The TJ Scott-directed film in which David Hasselhoff plays Jack and Donita Rose plays Lana is called LEGACY.

ClipFilmSongFred RoleGinger RoleLetter
01Carefree"Change Partners"TONYAMANDAS
02Follow the Fleet"Let Yourself Go"BAKESHERRYC
03Shall We Dance"Shall We Dance?"PETERLINDAO
04Top Hat"The Piccolino"JERRYDALET
05Swing Time"Pick Yourself Up"LUCKYPENNYT
06The Gay Divorcee"Night and Day"GUYMIMIF
07The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle"The Missouri Waltz"VERNONIRENEI
08Carefree"The Yam"TONYAMANDAL
09The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle"Waiting for the Robert E. Lee"VERNONIRENEM
10Follow the Fleet"Let's Face the Music and Dance"BAKESHERRYH
11Top Hat"Isn't It a Lovely Day (To Be Caught in the Rain)"JERRYDALEA
12Shall We Dance"They All Laughed"PETERLINDAS
13Flying Down To Rio"The Carioca"FREDHONEYJ
14Roberta"I'll Be Hard to Handle"HUCKLIZZIEA
15Follow the Fleet"I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket"BAKESHERRYC
16Carefree"I Used to Be Color-Blind"TONYAMANDAK
17The Barkleys of Broadway"Bouncin' the Blues"JOSHDINAHA
18Swing Time"Never Gonna Dance"LUCKYPENNYN
19Swing Time"Waltz in Swing Time"LUCKYPENNYD
20The Gay Divorcee"The Continental"GUYMIMIL
21Roberta"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"HUCKLIZZIEA
22Shall We Dance"Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"PETERLINDAN
23Top Hat"Cheek to Cheek"JERRYDALEA