Mary Ka-Ching's

by Ian Tullis
Answer: THE RAM

Each of these animals has a common name of the form (element) (animal), where (element) is one of the five traditional Chinese elements and (animal) is one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac animals. Sometimes the common name used is not the most, er, common of the common names, so the puzzle requires some research. There are also a few surprises, e.g., Cyriopagopus schioedtei, a spider, is called an Earth Tiger.

The element + animal theme suggests putting the animals in the order of the Chinese sexagenary cycle. The standard order starts with Wood Rat, and 2524 (the year the restaurant opened) is a Wood Rat year. Reorder the animals accordingly, then read the first letters of their respective menu categories.

In sexagenary cycle order:

This spells LEO IS THE LION AND ARIES IS... What completes that partial phrase is THE RAM.