Initial Reactions

Recipient of the National Academy of Sciences' Public Welfare Medal
Fantasy roleplaying game creator who died in 2008
Manhattan Project member who oversaw development of a nuclear weapon at Los Alamos
Late 1990s SFWA honoree for his screen work
Survivor of the Titanic disaster noted for court appearances thereafter
Mercury Seven astronaut
Baby Face Nelson star
Author with a top 5 book on the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels
Senator from Nebraska in office in January 2001
Trainer who won the Belmont Stakes four times
Media personality who found a home at Air America Radio and is best known for a Saturday show
Contributor to The Best American Short Stories 1997
Recipient of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal
Editor in the 1976 comic Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man
Top-level Bush administration official accused of "crimes against peace" by Ramsey Clark in 1991
Namesake of a museum whose curator lectured in the George Eastman House Travel Photography Series in November
Prolific author who wrote about "The Wizard" around the turn of the last century
Women's Basketball Hall of Famer who helmed a program in Iowa
Trial lawyer linked to a racially charged case who was disbarred, in part, for dubious handling of fees
High-level Nixon appointee who failed to win Senate confirmation
Actor with a small role in The Six Wives of Henry Lefay
Politically active multi-billionaire from Texas
Watergate burglary planner
Well-known character actor who was in one of the Fletch films
D.C. insider whose role in a major political scandal was revealed in 2005