I'm Your Magic Man

by Mark Gottlieb, photography by Sean Trowbridge
Answer: NITRO

These are fanned hands of Magic: The Gathering cards. In each one, you can see the leftmost card, and the right sides of each subsequent card in that hand (enough to see its color). The names of the cards all suggest the concept of "back" or "reverse." On the back of a Magic card are five colored dots in a pentagonal arrangement. Based on the sequence of colors in a hand, you can connect-the-dots on the card back to form one letter per hand. This spells WIZARDS TCG WCW ___. The Wizards of the Coast trading card game "WCW ___" is NITRO.
letter starting card color full hand
W Backslide U UBWRG
I Turn the Tables W WR
Z Overrun G GURB
A Reversal of Fortune R RGUGWUB
R Underworld Dreams B BGUWGR
D Sideswipe R RWUBR
S Topsy Turvy U UWGBR
T Capsize U UWGWR
C Turnabout U UWGRB
G Reverse the Sands W WGRBUG
W Side to Side G GRWBU
C Nameless Inversion B BRGWU
W Opposition U UBWRG
___ About Face R RB