His Airline Hostess

Here are some excerpts from my journal, and below are all the stamps from my book, but somehow I've lost the order that the stamps were put in there...

Assignment 1:

I almost visited four continents this time! We started in Asia near Oceania (on a small island), stopped in Europe near Asia, then North America near South America. Finally ended up in the "Deer Capital of the World," but I didn't see any.

Assignment 2:

Went from the Highlands to the Islands, but only after an African jaunt that happily lacked a language barrier. Also took a stop on the way back in the heel of the boot, to boot!

Assignment 3:

Another mostly east-to-west trip, starting in Western Europe practically on top of the Prime Meridian, then to the States for a Walmart pilgrimage. Then northeast into Canada before ending up in the South Pacific.

Assignment 4:

Started off with a domestic hop in Argentina, made our way up to Central America, then a long flight out into the Pacific (well, not literally into, of course!)

Assignment 5:

Started in one American town with the same name as an actor, and flew northwest to another—who would have thought? Then to South America and over to the UK, where we got to land on the longest runway around, which wasn't as exciting as one might think.

Assignment 6:

Lots of island time on this one, an American one, a Canadian one, and a South Pacific one. Took the long way around between the latter two, though, stopping at a capital of a country with lots of islands.

Assignment 7:

It seems to be true, every seventh assignment is a long one. We started in a state capital just south of the equator and ended in one on a different continent just north of the equator! In between, two stops in the US—one in the Blue Ridge followed by one with a first name—and a long trans-Pacific flight to southwest China.

Assignment 8:

Quite the contrast, heading from the top of the world to sweltering coastal Brazil. Then a trip over and back across the Pacific (at least we got some good spicy food on the layover), ending up with a delightful flyover of LA!

Assignment 9:

Really in the middle of nowhere here after a tiring trip. We started off lakeside in Africa, and crossed the South Atlantic right along the equator (or at least, most of the way across!) Then we headed north to the Hoosier State (what is a hoosier, anyway?) before winding up out here in the Great Basin.

Assignment 10:

Started this assignment in Guayana (not Guyana!), and flew way way north, past Nome. But then we got to go to Happy Valley before ending someplace Nice!

Assignment 11:

Started in one part of the Commonwealth and ended in another, with two stops in Southeast Asia in between. After heading out from the South West, both layovers were in the very northwest of their countries, coincidentally. Ended up here in Aussie—I have to admit I was expecting Turkey when I saw the itinerary!

Assignment 12:

Picked people up all over the US—after meeting some Cavaliers, our first layover I thought was going to be cosmopolitan, but I didn't read it carefully and it turned out to be a tiny town in the States. The second layover was a bit better, out in the northern Plains. But finally here on Crete things are really happening, nightlife and beaches too!

Assignment 13:

We began this assignment near Inner Mongolia, which, I was surprised to learn, isn't actually in Mongolia! I was happy to get a domestic leg in Oz, a long one too, from south to north, but after that we had a really long flight to the Irish coast.

Assignment 14:

Another extra-long assignment! Started off with a long leg, from New England to Western Australia. The next flight ended up crossing the Banda Sea, and the flight after that ended up crossing the East China Sea. Hanging out now in a room with a beautiful view of the Ruhr.

Assignment 15:

Not a good route for those who don't like overwater flights—first east over nothing but the Pacific (starting from a little island I guess you have little choice) then back southwest over even more ocean (and a little land), finally a long trip over mostly land but also the Indian Ocean and the Baltic Sea.

Assignment 16:

Nearly a round trip, starting and ending in neighboring countries of South America. In between, got my toes wet in a bay of the eastern North Atlantic and then one of the Great Lakes.

Assignment 17:

We took the long way across the Mediterranean—first to the Finger Lakes, then a stop in Moravia, and finally here, where I'm off to shop in the Grand Bazaar!

Assignment 18:

I love when these assignments start in Australia, but why do they never seem to end here? Left the west coast for the west coast of Malaysia, stopped next in a place I didn't even realize was its own country, and now we're here in the States. But I look great in my new cowboy hat, at least.

Assignment 19:

Having fun at Disney World now, but got some interesting looks from US Customs for making a quick trip down to Brazil to and from Florida. Caught a Pacers game before the assignment began.

Assignment 20:

Was hoping to get some beach time in but left the toe of the boot early to cross the North Atlantic. Then had to up and leave the delightful island I was on to cross the North Atlantic again. Wound up someplace with lots of sand, but no ocean! Left there to—you guessed it—cross the North Atlantic. Now I’m right in the middle of the States, so no beach time here either.

Airports Serviced by Air Australia

  1. Oran, Algeria (ORN)
  2. Tindouf, Algeria (TIN)
  3. Pajas Blancas, Argentina (COR)
  4. Resistencia, Argentina (RES)
  5. Ararat, Australia (ARY)
  6. Collie, Australia (CIE)
  7. Perth, Australia (PER)
  8. Port Douglas, Australia (PTI)
  9. Roma, Australia (RMA)
  10. Yorketown, Australia (ORR)
  11. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil (FEN)
  12. Itubera, Brazil (ITE)
  13. Santa Maria, Brazil (RIA)
  14. Teresina, Brazil (THE)
  15. Port McNeill, British Columbia (YMP)
  16. Centralia, Ontario (YCE)
  17. Shuangliu, China (CTU)
  18. Yinchuan, China (INC)
  19. Zhaotong, China (ZAT)
  20. Pore, Colombia (PRE)
  21. Impfondo, Congo (ION)
  22. Olomouc, Czech Republic (OLO)
  23. Inongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo (INO)
  24. Dili, East Timor (DIC)
  25. Nice, France (NCE)
  26. Niort, France (NIT)
  27. Essen, Germany (ESS)
  28. Athens, Greece (ATH)
  29. Heraklion, Greece (HER)
  30. Poptun, Guatemala (PON)
  31. Bintuni, Indonesia (NTI)
  32. Sumenep, Indonesia (SUP)
  33. Bantry, Ireland (BYT)
  34. Belmullet, Ireland (BLY)
  35. Grottaglie, Italy (TAR)
  36. Lamezia Terme, Italy (SUF)
  37. Tarama, Japan (TRA)
  38. Ulsan, South Korea (USN)
  39. Alor Star, Malaysia (AOR)
  40. Penang, Malaysia (PEN)
  41. Enewetak, Marshall Islands (ENT)
  42. Tinak Island, Marshall Islands (TIC)
  43. El Real, Panama (ELE)
  44. Andahuaylas, Peru (ANS)
  45. Ringi Cove, Solomon Islands (RIN)
  46. Borlänge, Sweden (BLE)
  47. Istanbul, Turkey (IST)
  48. Berdyansk, Ukraine (ERD)
  49. Exeter, England (EXT)
  50. Campbeltown, Scotland (CAL)
  51. Inverness, Scotland (INV)
  52. Islay, Scotland (ILY)
  53. Arctic Village, Alaska (ARC)
  54. Nakolik River, Alaska (NOL)
  55. Umnak, Alaska (UNS)
  56. Rogers, Arkansas (ROG)
  57. Riverside, California (RAL)
  58. San Francisco, California (SFO)
  59. Key Largo, Florida (OCA)
  60. Kissimmee, Florida (ISM)
  61. St. Augustine, Florida (UST)
  62. Indianapolis, Indiana (IND)
  63. Sullivan, Indiana (SIV)
  64. Perry, Iowa (PRO)
  65. Clinton, Missouri (GLY)
  66. Ely, Nevada (ELY)
  67. Concord, New Hampshire (CON)
  68. Ithaca, New York (ITH)
  69. Antlers, Oklahoma (ATE)
  70. Rome, Oregon (REO)
  71. Erie, Pennsylvania (ERI)
  72. State College, Pennsylvania (SCE)
  73. Lemmon, South Dakota (LEM)
  74. Rapid City, South Dakota (RAP)
  75. Tri-Cities, Tennessee (TRI)
  76. Alice, Texas (ALI)
  77. Charlottesville, Virginia (CHO)
  78. Laramie, Wyoming (LAR)
  79. Artigas, Uruguay (ATI)
  80. San Tomé, Venezuela (SOM)
  81. Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam (DIN)
  82. Lusaka, Zambia (LUN)