Growth Involves Reconstructing Legos

by Thomas Snyder

Skyscrapers puzzles ask solvers to view numbers as building heights with clues giving the number of visible buildings in a row/column. This puzzle consists of a series of "visual skyscraper" puzzles where actually viewing pictures of buildings in cities is needed to finish filling in the grid. By combining normal skyscraper type steps with assignments based on the photos (and locating the photos is the hardest part to getting started), one can solve these visual skyscrapers puzzles. The answers to the cities are:

New Calegonia: (gives the letters ANE)

Port Maralego: (gives the letters RAR)

Mount Legos: (gives the letters TUM)

Lego City: (gives the letters CET)

There are also twelve colored tetrominos presented with the postcards that can be rotated to match uniquely to the location of some buildings in one of the solution grids, with one colored square marked with a hospital sign H. Using the H buildings' heights as an index into the appropriate city names gives letters. Taking these letters in grid order based on the building location as shown below gives the answer TRAUMA CENTER:

    E R