Feelie Fanatics

by Foggy Brume

Each of the items is part of a trio of "feelies" (promotional items commonly found in Infocom games) that might be included for the release of a movie based on a book. These are:

  1. The African QUEEN (map of East Africa, bible, empty bottle of gin)
  2. Children OF Men (picture of Diego, OB/GYN business card, Quietus ad)
  3. DIAMONDS are Forever (Shady Tree ad, wallet monogrammed PF, vial of mud)
  4. The SHAW shank Redemption (rock hammer, Maine State Senate letter, Sisters tattoo)
  5. Like Water FOR Chocolate (recipe, obituary, jar of spices)
  6. VICE Versa (Hemingway Jr. flyer, oriental skull, Vigar & Avery ad)
  7. All the PRESIDENT's Men (press pass, parking pass, flowerpot)
  8. The Curious Case of Benjamin BUTTON (balloon, 1932 birthday card, 1972 birthday card)
  9. Schindler's LIST (ring, red ribbon, DEF ad)
  10. The Bridges OF Madison County (diary page, subscription card, state fair ticket)
  11. REDS (love poem, speech, newspaper article)

For each movie, the first set gives the order. The number from the second set is an index into the movie title, and the number from the third set indicates how many consecutive letters to take from that movie, starting with the letter you indexed to. Read in order, you'll get QUEEN OF DIAMONDS, SHAW FOR VICE PRESIDENT BUTTON, and LIST OF REDS, items that reference the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate (which, like all eleven movies, were based on books or short stories, even Vice Versa). So the answer is THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.