Feelie Fanatics

Infocom didn't die, it moved to outer space, where it now produces brand new text adventure games for aliens. They've even continued their proud tradition of including mood-setting feelies in each pack!

Set 1Set 2Set 3
  1. A map of East Africa
  2. A picture autographed "Diego"
  3. An ad for "Shady Tree's Night of Comedy" from a Las Vegas newspaper
  4. A rock hammer
  5. A recipe for Champandongo
  6. A Hemingway Junior High School talent show flyer
  7. A Washington Post press pass
  8. A yellow balloon
  9. A ring engraved "He who saves the life of one man, saves the world entire."
  10. A diary page dated July 1965
  11. A folded-up love poem from Eugene O'Neill
  • A bible, inscribed inside with the name S. Sayer (11)
  • A business card for an OB/GYN named Miriam (9)
  • A Happy 70th Birthday card dated 1932 (25)
  • A letter from a Maine State Senator granting funds for a library (4)
  • A miniature oriental skull (1)
  • An obituary for a 2-year old named Roberto (10)
  • A pass for a garage in Rosslyn (7)
  • A ribbon that's bright red (even though the rest of this game's feelies are black and white) (11)
  • A speech in Turkish, translated from German, translated from Russian, translated from English (1)
  • A subscription card for National Geographic (11)
  • A wallet monogrammed PF (1)
  • An ad for Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik (4)
  • An advertising card for the Quietus kit (2)
  • An empty bottle of gin, encrusted with mud and water (5)
  • A Happy 30th Birthday card dated 1972 (6)
  • A jar of spices (3)
  • A newspaper article by Louise Bryant with a byline of Portland, Oregon (4)
  • A picture of a flowerpot with a red flag in it (9)
  • A rub-on tattoo that says "The Sisters" (4)
  • A sales insert for Vigar & Avery (4)
  • A small vial of superheated mud (8)
  • An unused ticket to the Illinois State Fair (2)