Fantastic Voyage

We've uncovered the following journal entries from Captain Netter, written as he was performing the initial explorations on a planet containing the remains of a dead civilization. The entries also reference a series of maps from the ship's cartographer Gray, which presumably illustrated some of the features Netter thought were most important, but we've been unable to recover them.

We touched down at a canal that first mate Guyon identified from the initial survey. We've chosen that location as our first base camp.

Base Camp 1 Exploration Reports

We decided to set up the second camp at the rock that Team F discovered when they exited the jungle.

Base Camp 2 Exploration Reports

We chose to set up base camp 3 based on Team G's report, right at the curtain of vines.

Base Camp 3 Exploration Reports

While Team G was looking for a base camp location, they found a way to burst through the valley walls on the banks of a large, rushing river. They set up the base camp at this location.

Base Camp 4 Exploration Reports

Orders from HQ were to head back up to Base Camp 2, and explore from that area. We took a shuttle back to that area, then set up a new camp by following the river upstream and camping at a juncture about halfway between Team A's and Team B's second explorations.

Base Camp 5 Exploration Reports