Console-Nation Prizes

by Kaitlyn Chantry

Solvers are given 31 gamertags, each corresponding with 31 Achievement icons. If you look up each gamertag on, you can find this icon among that gamer's Achievements. The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Go to If you own a 360, log in with your prexisting account. Otherwise, you will need to create a (free) account.
  2. Click through a link to the gamer shown. Or, on the Community front page, you can search for a gamer by entering the gamertag.
  3. Under "games played," click on "more" to see all of the games that particular gamer has played. If you play many Xbox games, you may be able to identify a game by the Achievement icon. If so, simply find that game and click on it to open all the Achievements for that game. Otherwise, scroll through that gamer's played games for the icon, using any clues the icon provides.
  4. Once you've found the Achievement, you have, among other data, the name of the game and the date this gamer unlocked the Achievement. This is the only data unique to each gamertag.
  5. Notice that all these Achievements happened on a different day in May of 2008. Place the games in the clue grid corresponding to the month of May 2008 (i.e., the first clue corresponds to the game whose achievement was unlocked on May 1st.)
  6. Solve the clues.
  7. The first letter of each answer may be read down the columns to get the clue phrase: PARTICULAR HUE OF POKEMON SHION TOWN. Shion Town is the Japanese version of Lavender Town in the Pokémon series of games.
  8. Answer this final clue to get LAVENDER.


Date Gamertag Game Achievement Clue Answer Letter
5/1/08 Panther888 Puzzle Fighter HD Meeting People is Easy It reviewed this as a "dispute-settler" OXM UK O
5/2/08 iX KITTIE xi The Simpsons Game Mmm Donut Convenience store owner's last name Nahasapeemapetilon N
5/3/08 Twylyght Myst Bully Scholarship Ed. KEENER Alphabetically fourth clique Nerds N
5/4/08 Superstarless Halo 3 Campaign Complete: Legendary What the cannon fires Plasma P
5/5/08 Bad Bear Bogie GTA IV Gobble Gobble Main diamond dealer Isaac Roth I
5/6/08 Lil Pips Lost Odyssey Skill Master Kaim Protagonist's last name Argonar A
5/7/08 XxGAMER GiiRLxX NBA Live 06 Most Valuable Player Game's ESRB rating E (everyone) E
5/8/08 Koenig Sentinel Guitar Hero III Millionaire Club Third title, fourth tier Kool Thing K
5/9/08 Dazlindragon Naruto Rise of a Ninja Naruto—Forest of Death Exam His brother murdered the whole family Sasuke S
5/10/08 Gooner Rhyle Burnout Paradise Totally Smashed Name of this achievement Totally Smashed T
5/11/08 Lulu the Large Viva Piñata Wealthy It needs two bees for romance Arocknid A
5/12/08 BluStorm3D The BIGS Pain Train Grapefruit or…? Cactus C
5/13/08 Bogi x3 Puzzle Quest Renowned Hero What Burn creates Red gems R
5/14/08 xXBlackKatXx UNO Multiplayer Game's name translated into English One O
5/15/08 Aerith Strife TMNT Used Leos special move Property's 7-letter co-creator Eastman E
5/16/08 mastercheng Gears of War For the Fallen Weapon of celestial proportions Hammer of Dawn H
5/17/08 TriickThePirate The Orange Box Heartbreaker Color in the title Orange O
5/18/08 UndrGrndX Rock Band Open Road Where you spend cash Rock Shop R
5/19/08 Schlurpies Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Don't Mess With Me Game's developer Ubisoft Montreal U
5/20/08 Xm3buX Harry Potter OOTP Win the Witches and Wizards Cup Its colors are yellow and black Hufflepuff H
5/21/08 Killa Mike 2357 Oblivion Arch-Mage, Mages Guild League with rank of swordsman Fighter's Guild F
5/22/08 ADiazEs Hexic HD Hexic Addict Mode with infinite time and pieces Marathon Mode M
5/23/08 Violetred3 Penny Arcade Episode 1 Steel Devils It's used to trap silent enemies Invisible box I
5/24/08 LittleBeauty Army of Two (EU) Flip You. Flip You For Real Alaskan senator surname Whitehorse W
5/25/08 dean bauer Mass Effect Pistol Expert Persuasive plant Thorian T
5/26/08 LancerRevo Call of Duty 4 Make the Jump Longest-named default class Light Machine Gunner L
5/27/08 DaRagingBeast Iron Man Classic Confrontation Hero's country of birth United States U
5/28/08 xI Dstrukt Ix Geometry Wars Evolved Quartermaster 10-point peace award Pacifism P
5/29/08 Sharkles BioShock Hacked a Vending Machine Wealthy side of town Olympus Heights O
5/30/08 Primal Fear622 Lego Star Wars: TCS Shoot First Hero's first tutor Obi-Wan Kenobi O
5/31/08 Lirael Assassin's Creed Eagle's Eye Game's month of release November N