You have followed Scotchy's escape pod trajectory to the Combat Simulator, an area of Outer Zyzzlvaria where battle-tested veterans train with robotic and live opponents. Scotchy's been in his fair share of barroom brawls, but this place... Here, it's impossible to take even one step without having to fight someone or something.

Your Puzzles

You have unlocked all of the puzzles in this round.

Click here for the complete rules to Buttonmen. The Combat Simulator is a stripped down version that uses only the Soldiers set. Here is how to play.

  1. Click Create a Game. You will be asked to choose an opponent and a button. You may choose the AI, but only a limited number of times. As you solve puzzles, additional opponents will be unlocked.
  2. Select your swing die. A swing die may be any value from 4 to 20.
  3. Attack! You may perform one of two attacks:
    • A Power attack. One of your die may attack one of your opponent's die showing a smaller or equal value. (For example, a 10-sided die showing 6 can attack a 20-side die showing 5 or a 6-sided die showing 6.
    • A Skill attack. You may select two or more of your dice to attack an opponent's die showing a value equal to the total of your attacking dice. (For example, if you have dice showing 1, 2, and 3, you can attack a die showing 6.
  4. Attacked dice are considered captured. Attacking dice are rerolled.
  5. If you cannot attack, you can pass.
  6. Once one person has lost all of their dice, points are totalled. You earn 1 point for each side on the dice you captured (e.g., a 20-sided die is worth 20 points) and 1/2 point for each side on your own dice you retain (e.g., a 20-sided die is worth 10 points). Whoever has the most points wins the round. (This means even if you lose all of your dice, you may still win on points.)
  7. First person to win 2 rounds wins the game.


Once you have defeated either another team or the AI, you will unlock a puzzle.

Once you have solved a puzzle, you will unlock a new opponent.

Defeat that opponent to earn a reward.

Stalled Games

In order to prevent chicanery, stalling, and abanadoning games, our super-duper AI will automatically play for you if the game has seen no activity for 10 minutes. Our AI is very passive-aggressive, and will display its displeasure by making an extremely suboptimal move.