Cloaked Battleships

The Castorian (blue) and Polluxian (pink) battle fleets each consist of the same sets of starships as shown. They both have recently developed nearly perfect cloaking devices and installed them on all ships. Of course, due to the laws of physics, when they are cloaked, no information can get in or out, and external detection technology must be used to find the fleets. Thanks to detailed battle plans (since lost), no ship will occupy the same space as another, and no ship will be adjacent (even diagonally) to another ship of the same fleet. However, since they are cloaked, two ships from different fleets may be adjacent. Each army has developed different detection technology, which can give some information about portions of space with cloaked vessels. Numbers in blue are from the Castorian Mass Measurement Module, which indicates the total number of occupied squares in the given row/column. Numbers in red are from the Polluxian Differential Density Device that indicates the number of squares occupied by Polluxian ships minus the number occupied by Castorian ships. Finally, the black circles in the grid are vortices caused by all four adjacent squares being occupied (all such vortices are shown).