Virtual Sectors meta

by Foggy Brume, Ken Stern, and Meta Group B

Teams spun the decidedly non-random Wheel of Death to enter various virtual regions of space, each with its own preferred form of fatality. This Wheel of Death matched the one that came in the board game. Each Wheel space contained a symbol, some of which matched puzzles. These puzzles' answers matched as follows:
Each space on the Wheel is a phrase that contains all five vowels (AEIOU), exactly once. Each puzzle answer is a word or phrase that contains all five vowels once, plus one extra vowel. Per the "breathe" instructions in the center of the Wheel, for each space on the wheel, find the vowel repeated in the answer phrase and take the next letter. So for example, in PORE JUD IS DAID, the extra vowel is I. The next letter in PUFFERFISH ORGANS is S.
Starting with that space, you'll get S_P_RM_NS_DV_RS_R__L_MP. This is the phrase SUPERMAN'S ADVERSARIAL IMP, without vowels. So the villain's name is MR. MXYLPTLK. Saying his name backwards doesn't work (Harold already tried that). However, every space on the Wheel of Death that did not have a puzzle associated with it lines up with a vowel in "Superman's Adversarial Imp". Applying the same process as before (e.g., "Souvenir Flag" lines up with the U in SUPERMAN, and the letter after U is V) starting at Rabid Tongue gets BUY A VOWEL.

So teams could call in the name MR. MXYZPTLK and ask to buy a vowel. This cost them 250 play-dollarbucks, as would be expected from the 3009 version of Wheel of Fortune. In return, they get a big O, which highly resembled the Wheel of Fortune wheel.

Overlaying the Wheel of Fortune wheel and the Wheel of Death showed that:

Spaces on the wheel are in one of the 7 rainbow colors. Using that as an index into the answers for each space on the wheel of death reveals the location of Harold, the ESKIMO NEBULA.

Here is all the data for the puzzle:

Wheel Space Answer Extra Vowel Next Letter/Vowel Next Ltr Wheel of Fortune Color Ltr
I Lose a Turn?         Lose a turn White  
Pufferfish Organs PORE JUD IS DAID I S   BANKRUPT Black
Souvenir Flag     u V 400 Orange  
Hokey Manuscript MILLENNIUM FALCON I P   1500 Blue E
Takeout Wings     e O 1200 Violet  
Black Widow Nurse SIMULTANEOUSLY U R   1200 Red S
Demonic Mustard LIKE A SURGEON E M   100 Yellow K
Posturing Lawyers     a W 1800 Violet  
Jumping over Sharks AUDIOPHILE I N   2200 Green I
Mossy Fruit Basket TOMATO JUICE O S   100 Yellow M
Mobulidae     a E 1200 Orange  
Haunted Mirror YELLOW SUBMARINE E D   2100 Blue O
Bela Lugosi     e L 500 Red  
Incurred Dog's Wrath UNAUTHORIZED U R   1800 Orange N
Cosmic Space Dust FOURIER TRANSFORM O S   500 Indigo E
Rabid Tongue     a B 400 Violet  
Rainforest Crunch BACKGROUND NOISE O R   800 Red B
Rotten Valium     i U 500 Yellow  
Saying "Should've"     a Y 1800 Green  
Cauliflower QUANTITY SURVEYOR U L   1800 Orange U
Sequoias     i A 900 Red  
Rusty Foreman Grill MINOR LEAGUE E M   1400 Indigo L
Minor Paper Cut ULTRAVIOLET RAYS A P   700 Blue A