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The Last of Sheila

Kevin Wald

There are eight kinds of footwear depicted. Each is seen in one photo as a left shoe and in another as a right shoe. Each is also "depicted" punnily by the shoe-shaped chair in yet another photo, using a word for the footwear in a different sense, a sense which is referred to by the term clued cryptic-style on one of the cards. These are:

Each photo thus depicts three items of footwear: left, chair, and right. If you use the numbers below each photo (L for the left, big for the chair, R for the right) as indexes into the cryptic-clued terms corresponding to those items, you get the following sets of three letters:

ClogMoccasinSkate8 1 4TVH
SlipperSneakerWellington2 4 9OST
MoccasinSkateClog9 6 4WIT
SneakerStilettoLoafer1 2 7HAR
StilettoWellingtonSlipper10 8 7EAL
LoaferSlipperStiletto2 3 1LYB
SkateLoaferMoccasin2 4 6IGS
WellingtonClogSneaker6 1 8HOE

These spell out TV HOST WITH A REALLY BIG SHOE; the answer is thus the television host who was noted for pronouncing "really big show" like that, ED SULLIVAN.