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No Police Record

Mark Halpin

Hints in the title and flavor text, as well as the format of the questions, suggest the NPR game show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”. Each of the categories herein was used to challenge a particular celebrity in the “Not My Job” segment of that show. Using the position of each correct quiz answer as an index into the celebrity’s last name spells the answer PEDAGOGUES.

The movie Sahara (c) Ted KoPpell
Dan Brown (b) Fran LEbowitz
Blue Jeans (c) Rita RuDner
Pia Zadora (b) (Weird) Al YAnchovich
Harold von Braunhut (a) Jonathon Gold
Etiquette (b) Michael MOore
Betty Ford (a) Terry Gross
PEZ (b) Salman RUshdie
…Bartending Guide to
    Great American Writers
(b) Amy SEdaris
Carney Slang (a) Julia Sweeney