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Kevin Wald

Each of the titles given has the grammatical structure of the title of one of the books in the Harry Potter series (hinted at by the reference to magic in the flavortext); that is, Harry Potter and the:

1. Philosopher's Stone = [sing. common noun]'s [sing. common noun]
2. Chamber of Secrets = [sing. common noun] of [plur. common noun]
3. Prisoner of Azkaban = [sing. common noun] of [sing. proper noun]
4. Goblet of Fire = [sing. common noun] of [sing. common noun]
5. Order of the Phoenix = [sing. common noun] of the [sing. common noun]
6. Half-Blood Prince = [numerical prefix]-[sing. common noun] [sing. common noun]
7. Deathly Hallows = [adjective] [plur. common noun]

Taking the indicated letter from both the name and the noun phrase in each title yields:

6: Simon (T)emplar and the Quadr(u)ple-Brightness Buccaneer
2: S(h)erlock Holmes and the I(n)terpreter of Texts
1: (E)llery Queen and the (D)ragon's Tooth
5: Herc(u)le Poirot and the Memo(r)y of the Elephant
1: (N)ancy Drew and the (A)ttic's Secret
7: Sam Spa(d)e and the Black B(i)rds
4: Jan(e) Marple and the Gil(l) of Rye
4: Per(r)y Mason and the Par(r)ot of Perjury
5: Dirk (G)ently and the Teah(o)ur of the Soul
3: Ne(r)o Wolfe and the Tr(a)nslation of Montenegro
7: Endeav(o)ur Morse and the Cursed (D)aughters