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At the Crossroads

by Michael Korn

Each of the given shapes is the intersection of the outlines of two states. (See images below.) Solvers need to identify the two states in each. Having done this, they must now realize that each of these corresponds to the intersection of two avenues in Washington, DC. Each intersection is a named square or circle. (This is clued by the title "At the Crossroads," the fact that they are "intersections," and the squares and circles around each number.) Having found the names of each square or circle, they take one letter from each, as indicated by the provided numbers, and these spell the answer, GEORGETOWN.

Illinois Ave. & New Hampshire Ave. (1)Grant CircleG
Massachusetts Ave. & New York Ave. [7]Mount Vernon SquareE
Connecticut Ave. & New Hampshire Ave. (4)Dupont CircleO
Kentucky Ave. & Pennsylvania Ave. (3)Barney CircleR
Rhode Island Ave. & Vermont Ave. (3)Logan CircleG
Nebraska Ave. & Wisconsin Ave. (5)Tenley CircleE
Maryland Ave. & Massachusetts Ave. [2]Stanton SquareT
Delaware Ave. & Louisiana Ave. (2)Columbus CircleO
North Carolina Ave. & Pennsylvania Ave. [3]Seward SquareW
Illinois Ave. & Kansas Ave. (7)Sherman CircleN