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A Mind-flexing Exercise

by Corey Plover and Nathan Fung

This puzzle is a Siamese Rows Garden puzzle with a twist in that the row answers need to be placed in the lower grid in reverse order. This configuration can be determined through the differing color configuration of the blooms in the two grids. The highlighted cells then spell out BETWEEN THE XS and FOLD LIKE TUCKERMAN. After placing the completed grids back to back so that the row numbers match, the trapezoidal strip of triangles located between the Xs can be cut out.

This strip can then be folded into a hexahexaflexagon using the Xs as tabs that are stuck together. There are four ways of folding this hexahexaflexagon, but a Tuckerman traversal can be performed on the correct one to reveal six faces each of which has one of six new bloom answers: CARLOS, ENDOWS, IN SITU, LOONIE, PETARD & RELAYS.

These bloom answers can be placed in the final mini-grid to form row answers to the four final clues. The two indicated rows then reveal that the solution is WORDPLAY.