Lesson II-9: Understudying You know that if you're patient enough, your time will come. Or your sniper's time.

You Don't Need No Stinkin' Cue Cards!

Only real actors get cards; you're just the double.

Sickening Scenes:

Bucket of trash: 2 wds.
Checkers' sound?
Comparable to a March hare or a wet hen
Cousin of Fone and Smiley
Furrowin', as a brow
Horribly maimed, as by a wild animal
Isn't able to
Janet Jackson single
Language containing the word "grok"
Like a Wayans Brothers "Movie"
Like Ellison's candy
Mode induced by idbeholds
Raided for drugs, perhaps
Singin' like Kermit
Sound of flattening an insect
Spike's epithet
Takin' wallets at gunpoint
Tallest structure in Kennecott, Utah
Where alligators supposedly live

Body Doubles: