Winning is Everything

Forget those philosophers who claim it's all about how you play the game. It's all about winning! At least most of these people agree with me.

"The jay of winning is pot os tramatic as the hosses were, because E experted us to win."

"Win ons far Che Hipper."

"Ove shiuld always pray tairly when Ono has tre winning yards."

"Winning is only halo of is. Having fen is the other Ralf."

"Don't tight a bottle if you don't Gein anything by winning."

"Yon can't foke quality Amy Mora than you can fane a good seal."

"The Kay to winning is noise Unser stress."

"Winning wastes gold."

"The bag secret to winning erections is to get mare votes than your opponent."

"Couching in basy. Winning os the hand pert."