by Greg Brume


The images are all taken from the lyrics of the song "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang (the "Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel" song).

From left to right and top to bottom the images are:

Out of Bounds, hieroglyphics, Prince, two hand touch
Coca-Cola stock, Texas, nuts
South, Egypt, FedEx, Waffle House
Tide, Siskel and Ebert, Mr. Coffee, rough
Daylight Savings Time, catacombs, B-5, Lyle Lovett
X-Files, mop 'n' bucket, Tool Time, small craft advisory

Placing the images in the same order they appear in the song will allow you to form the drop quote (shown below in unsolved form.)

Solving the dropquote yields the message,

  O N   T H E   N E X T   A L B U M   T H I S
  B A N D   R E L E A S E D   T A K E   H O M
O G R A P H   O F   F I R S T   W O R D   O F
  S E V E N T H   T R A C K   A N D   H O M O
P H O N E   O F   P L U R A L   O F   S E C O
N D   W O R D   O F   A L B U M   T I T L E

Or "On the next album this band released, take homograph of first word of seventh track and homophone of plural of second word of album title."

"The Bad Touch" was from the album Hooray for Boobies, which was followed by Hefty Fine. The seventh track on that album is "Ralph Wiggum." Following the instructions gives the name of the actor RALPH FIENNES.