Lesson II-1: Television Programming You control the vertical. You control the horizontal. You control the death ray embedded in the DirecTV satellite.
This Puzzle Has Been Formatted to Fit Your Screen

African grassland
Bess' operatic companion
Place for folded hands
Short test
Show gratitude to
Watch chain

Ab ____
Clampett family patriarch
Guinea pig
Hanna-Barbera cat
It's kid-tested, mother-approved
Symbols often conveying information
"Mmmm… toasty!" chain

Cry pathetically; snivel
Duck noises
Employment opportunities
Sandy-colored, like hair
URL ending

Conjugated words
Correct, or just good enough
Game played with a dog and a stick
Hit, as with a phaser
Like cerumen
Overgrown with tropical vegetation
Resistance unit

Bos taurus indicus
Collectible milk caps or the game played with them
NAMES Project artifact
Neither straight nor curly
Orange's lack
Rock Star winner's group
Pokémon or Tickle Me Elmo, e.g.

Bubbleheaded; impulsive
Chest muscles, for short
Listen to, as a parent
Watch crystal material
Wurlitzer product