by Thomas Snyder

Solution: WEN HO LEE

This puzzle is a kakuro/cross-sums variation. While it follows standard rules for digit entry (integers 1 through 9 can be used at most once in each clue), some entries require concatenating some of the one-digit numbers into two, three, or even four-digit numbers that are added together with the remaining clues in an entry. As an example, while 928 is normally read as 9 + 2 + 8 = 19 in a kakuro, in this puzzle it is also possible to read this as 92 + 8 = 100 or 9 + 28 = 37 where necessary to match a sum.

0x08 graphic
After finishing the grid, the answer can be found by considering all the locations of the multi-digit numbers that were used in the sums. In particular, by extracting all the lines of the boxes that separate the digits in these numbers (as highlighted below), solvers will find the answer, WEN HO LEE.