Lesson III-6: Football The only “halo rule” you respect is the one where the guy you hit gets one.

The Case of Southeast Jerome's Trip to the End Zone

Captain Clinton Portis is on the case. Southeast Jerome has been murdered on a boat docked in New York harbor. Each of these characters rented at least one cabin on Abe & Angie's Totally Innocent Pleasure Craft. The cruise boat has two decks and fourteen cabins on each deck. Captain Portis has interrogated the suspects, each of whom gave two pieces of true testimony and one of his favorite football plays (useful evidence in these kinds of cases, sez the captain). Perhaps you can figure out where the perpetrator is.

Southeast Jerome
Jerome can't say nothin', man. He's dead.

Coach Janky Spanky
"The Inspector rented one cabin, a top deck cabin surrounded by occupied cabins."
"Reverend Gonna Change insisted on staying in cabins below empty cabins."

Sheriff Gonna Getcha
"The Reverend and the Coach rented an even total number of cabins."
"Dolamite Jenkins rented only one cabin, a bottom cabin with a number one less than the Coach's lowest numbered bottom cabin."

Dolla Bill
"The Mad Scientist's only cabin on the bottom deck was numbered three higher than his only top cabin."
"I never stayed on the top deck or in a cabin with a double-digit number."

Reverend Gonna Change
"At least one of the bottom cabins I rented was evenly divisible by three."
"Kid Bro Sweets rented a cabin above Janky's."

The Mad Scientist
"One bottom cabin the Coach rented had a number twice that of the only other bottom cabin he rented."
"There are two stretches of at least three consecutive empty cabins on the top deck; all the other cabins on the boat were rented."

Dr. I Don't Know
"The deceased's lowest numbered room was numbered four times that of the Sheriff's only room."
"Subtracting my second-highest numbered top cabin from my highest, you get the number of the Scientist's only top cabin."

Kid Bro Sweets
"Nobody stayed in cabins 4 and 10 on the top deck."
"A bottom cabin the Reverend rented had a number that was one higher than a bottom cabin the Coach rented."

Inspector 2-2
"Nobody rented a cabin adjacent to another he rented, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally-except the deceased."
"If you add the numbers of the Doctor's two lowest numbered top cabins, you get the number of the deceased's only top cabin."

Dolamite Jenkins
"The Kid's only cabin on the top deck had a number seven times that of his only bottom cabin."
"Every bottom cabin Southeast Jerome rented was next to at least one other of his on that deck, though they were not all consecutive."

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