Lesson VIII-4: Spin Doctoring Let's be clear. Your candidate is a man of the people. Well, the female half of the people. The attractive half of the females.

Spin Control

It's important to get all your facts lined up. People are always trying to cut straight through to the heart of the matter.

Alan Autry's mayoral domain
American musician who underwent adult stem-cell treatment in 2005
Canadian publication containing all new laws
Common bacteria medium
Congressional airer
Dimebag's group, at one time
Dorm VIPs
Fala, Checkers, Socks, etc.
Fall of Berlin?
Fencing event in which the entire body can be struck
First computer RPG set in the Star Wars universe
Former Iberian monetary unit
Former Press Secretary Fleischer
Former Press Secretary Myers
Former first lady of Argentina, familarly
George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, or Teddy Roosevelt and FDR, e.g.
Home of the Diet
Hydronium generator
____ Laws (pre-Norman Irish statutes)
Main character in "Swan Lake"
Mutineer of 1857
NAFTA or GATT, e.g.
Part of the NEA
Paul Revere Battalion org.
Procedure by which an Englishman can change his name
Publisher of 30-point-maximum surveys
Res ____ (common law doctrine preventing identical lawsuits)
Sicilian erupter
Single-panel cartoonist Dan
Subject of the Stanford/Muybridge experiment
"The king" of France
Use a podium, perhaps
"Walking in Memphis" singer
Youth organization of the Front Polisario