Lesson VIII-10: Political Victory The only concession speech you'll ever make is “A large Coke, buttered popcorn, and some Twizzlers.”

Recounting Former Glories

Whenever you visit your demon advisor, he always regales you with stories about how great he is. "Let me tell you about when, back in 2000, I was elected president of the Demonic Association of Trivia Addicts," he cackles evilly. Noting your surprised look, he scoffs, "Oh, please. The election was a foregone conclusion. I had already assured myself of all the votes I needed when I ran the board at that year's trivia championship, answering every question correctly in all ten five-question rounds. See? Here's the blue ribbon that indicates my #1 finish. And everybody else was left red in the face with a big zero on their score cards. Naturally, I won by obtaining the questions in advance and studying the answers carefully. Here's a copy of the questions, in case you'd like to see how you'd have done."

Song on the B-side of the single whose A-side was parodied by the Rutles as "Ouch!"
Chuck Jones movie based on a book illustrated by Jules Feiffer
Name shared by an Orange County band and a more well-known one until a September 2006 District Court injunction
Actress who changed her name after she learned she wasn't Todd Rundgren's daughter
Event commemorated by a tapestry which was duplicated in the 1880s for exhibition in the United Kingdom
Candy mentioned in an album title by the band from which Portastatic sprouted as a side project
Abbreviation for the organization that featured Wranglers, Maulers, and Breakers
Holiday celebration which was launched in 1976 and features ice sculptures in Boston Common
Full name of the organization that tried to sponsor a stretch of highway in Missouri later named after Rosa Parks
Mexican specialty stuffed with corn and black beans at Border Cafe
1996 video game whose soundtrack was composed by Trent Reznor
Ten-part miniseries (based on a non-fiction book) whose title is a brief quotation from Shakespeare's Henry V
Alcoholic beverage seen in an advertisement on the Babylon 5 episode "TKO"
Singer who inspired a poem upon which the hit "Killing Me Softly with His Song" was based
Artist with a famous engraving that includes both a magic square and an irregular eight-sided solid
Cartoon character whose one-word catchphrase was added to the OED in 2001
Song from the movie "Asses of Fire"
Musical guest on the Saturday Night Live episode featuring the sketch "Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine"
Fictional lounge singer whose name has the same number of letters as his creator, and whose name shares the same 4th, 8th, and 11th letters as his
Name of Space Ghost's pet Sea Monkey (which grew out of control and had to be killed)
Comic strip co-created by Dashiell Hammett
Fashionable district of Tokyo documented in the book Fruits
Providence performing group who established a Boston troupe last year, which performs in the same building as the New Rep
Second solo album released by the man who wrote or cowrote exactly six of the songs on the album Rolling Stone listed as #115 on its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
Compound whose chemical abbreviation (if you ignore the number 3 at the end) shares a spelling with a popular model of MP3 player introduced in September 2005
Film in which the protagonists pursue a teen touring with Sugar Ray
Law named for its sponsor and passed by Congress despite a veto by Woodrow Wilson, and repealed 14 years later
Advertising mascot that originally spoke in Pig Latin
Singer who performed a 1988 cover version of a song whose title is a word "used to express fatigue, mild surprise, boredom, disappointment, or sometimes exultation," according to the American Heritage Dictionary
Robot constructed, in part, from a gumball machine and a toy bank
Band originally named after a Georgia city that shares a name with a porn star who shot herself after a drunk driving accident in 1994, although the band name was spelled with a single letter while the city and porn star's name had a double letter
Military force (only extant in France and Spain) to which Porky Pig belongs in the cartoon Little Beau Porky
Film that featured the Academy Award winners for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress of 1978, 1979, 1997, and 2000, not necessarily in that order (remember that, for example, the Academy Award for 2000 is presented in 2001)
Last person whose death is mentioned in the Bible before Sarah
Singer who served in her country's military for two years, took second place in the Eurovision Song Contest, and went on to perform duets with both Lou Reed and Paula Abdul
Rolling Stones album title that is also the subtitle of an album by the Mekons
Screenwriter who described movies as "an eruption of trash that has lamed the American mind"
Word which controversially appeared in a New York Times Monday crossword last spring
Singing group that played a group of prostitutes in the movie Batman Forever
Of the two songs in which George Harrison rhymes "astray" with the name of a city in Asia, the one with the easternmost city
Fundraising concert opened by a band who briefly (in the 1960s) had the same name as Steve Winwood's band
Movie also known as The Return of Maxwell Smart
Musician who made his debut playing drums on the 1974 song "Ya-Ya"
Radio host who (according to a song) renounced Amanda Palmer's love
Projectile move unleashed by Dhalsim with a quarter-rotation of the joystick and a punch button
Housewares brand that becomes a clothing brand with a rhino logo when its two middle letters are swapped
Song performed by Waylon Smithers on "The Simpsons Family Smile-Time Variety Hour"
Band whose debut album took its title from a sketch on a Jerky Boys album
Role played on Broadway by Lester Scharff, Angus Cairns, and James Valentine
Of the various band names Stone Temple Pilots had before they settled on "Stone Temple Pilots," the one that did not have the initials STP