by Dan Katz

Starring as your demon: Sean Trowbridge

Final activity: Create a Susan Hockfield card for the game Illuminati

Each puzzle in round 9 produces an answer thematically related to an Illuminati from the card game of the same name. (A source is found at Matching the groups to the answer words allows you to order the answer words by their symbols shown in the video:

With these matched to answer words, you can apply the modifiers shown with each group's image to the group's Power and Resistance. These become indices into those answer words:

9/9 -4/-3 = 5/6 in Servants of Cthulhu's LOVECRAFT (Cthulhu mythos creator) = CR

7/7 +5/-5 = 12/2 in Gnomes of Zurich's WASSERKIRCHE (church in Zurich) = EA

6/6 -3/+4 = 3/10 in UFOs' OUTER SPACE (where UFOs come from) = TE

8/8 +4/-7 = 12/1 in Bermuda Triangle's HERO'S FORMULA (triangle area formula) = AH

8/8 -4/-1 = 4/7 in Discordians' CHAOTIC (state of discord) = OC

10/10 -8/-2 = 2/8 in Bavarians' OKTOBERFEST (Bavarian festival) = KF

8/8 -1/-2 = 7/6 in Assassins' SONDHEIM (Assassins musical author) = IE

7/7 +0/-4 = 7/3 in Network's SIDNEY LUMET (Network film director) = LD

6/6 -2/-3 = 4/3 in Church of the Subgenius's SLACK (Church's raison d'être) = CA

7/7 -4/-1 = 3/6 in Shangri-La's DORIS DUKE (owner of the Shangri La estate) = RD

This spells CREATE A HOCKFIELD CARD. Submitting an Illuminati card featuring MIT president Susan Hockfield gets you the certificate.

The Servants The Gnomes The Bermuda

of Cthulhu of Zurich The UFOs Triangle The Discordians

The Church of

The Bavarians The Assassins The Network the Subgenius Shangri-La