by Mike Selinker

Starring as your demons: Mike Selinker and Mark L. Gottlieb

Final activity: Submit a declaration of war against another Hunt team

Each puzzle in round 8 produces a 10-letter answer. These answers are oriented by their first letter in the lists of ten state abbreviations (the acrostic as shown spells ROUND EIGHT). These letters are then matched, double-crostic-style, to the seating chart of the U.S. Senate from 2006 (109th Congress, 2nd Session, available at There are two Senators for each state, so the solvers must try out possibilities to produce words.

This spells FASHIONED IN THE MANNER OF A JOINT RESOLUTION, DRAFT A FORMAL DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST ANOTHER HUNT TEAM. DON'T TELL THEM. Submitting a formal declaration of war against another team gets you the certificate.