by Tony Delgado and Ken Stern

Starring as your demon: Jonathan Sheffi (with Ken Stern and Jennifer Braun as the lackeys)

Final activity: Submit the name of the executive Lee Majors

The stock ticker shows stocks that have three-letter NYSE symbols. Both the first three letters and the last three letters of each answer in this round are symbols of a company listed here. For each answer, sum the two prices from the ticker that conform to its symbols. The result will be a positive number containing a decimal point. The number after the decimal produces an ordering mechanism for the nine answers, while the number before the decimal produces a letter when used as an index into the answer.

VOLLEYBALL GAME: VOL (Volt Info) +4.9/AME (Ametek) +5.2 = 10.1 (L)
MACHINE GUN KELLY: MAC (Macerich) +21.6/LLY (Eli Lilly) -9.4 = 12.2 (E)
TINTED WINDOW: TIN (Temple-Inland) -4.9/DOW (Dow Chemical) +10.2 = 5.3 (E)
HALF-MARATHON: HAL (Halliburton) +10.2/HON (Honeywell) -4.8 = 5.4 (M)
CHEAP SEATS: CHE (Chemed) +8.9/ATS (APT Satellite) -4.4 = 4.5 (A)
STOCKJOBBING: STO (Statoil) -18.5/ING (ING Group) +25.1 = 6.6 (J)
WEN HO LEE: WEN (Wendy's) -4.0/LEE (Lee Enterprises) +9.7 = 5.7 (O)
REGISTERED TRADEMARK: REG (Regency Centers) +19.0/ARK (Black Rock Sr. HIF) -10.2 = 8.8 (R)
SAME-SEX MARRIAGES: SAM (Boston Beer) +7.4/GES (Guess?) -1.5 = 5.9 (S)

The letters in order of the post-decimal digits spell out LEE MAJORS. Offering up Lee Majors as a patsy gets you the certificate.