by Greg Brume

Starring as your demons: Francis Heaney and Jennifer Braun

Final activity: Make a bad sequel to Wordplay

Each puzzle in round 2 produces the name of a movie star. The video has hosts of an Entertainment Tonight rip-off; in each segment, one movie star is discussed while a picture of a different movie star appears. The stars from the puzzle answers can be inserted into the pairs from the video to complete a string of connections in the style of the "Kevin Bacon game."

Mentioned star Film link Puzzle answer Film link Pictured star
Jon Lovitz Mom and Dad Save the World JEFFREY JONES Easy Money Rodney Dangerfield
Christopher Lloyd Angels in the Outfield DANNY GLOVER Lethal Weapon 4 Chris Rock
Jack Black King Kong NAOMI WATTS Tank Girl Ice-T
Udo Kier End of Days KEVIN POLLAK Outside Ozona Meat Loaf
Will Smith Ali MYKELTI WILLIAMSON Waiting to Exhale Gregory Hines
Stephen Baldwin Bio-Dome WILLIAM ATHERTON Oscar Sylvester Stallone
Kevin Bacon Animal House KAREN ALLEN Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford
Jeff Daniels Dumb & Dumber LAUREN HOLLY Down Periscope Kelsey Grammer
Martin Landau Sliver POLLY WALKER Patriot Games Samuel L. Jackson
Wayne Knight Everybody's All-American JESSICA LANGE Losing Isaiah Cuba Gooding Jr.
Hank Azaria Quiz Show RALPH FIENNES (The) Avengers Sean Connery
Kathleen Turner Undercover Blues DENNIS QUAID Yours Mine & Ours Rene Russo

Naming the movies in those connections allows you read down the acrostics (first of the named stars' movies, then of the pictured stars' movies), to produce MAKE A BAD SEQUEL TO WORDPLAY. Filming or staging a bad sequel to the crossword documentary Wordplay gets you the certificate.