by Greg Brume

Solution: SLACK

Each of the lines is an anagram of the name of a member of MIT's Board of Chaplains, whose names can be found at These match, in order, the sets of blanks below. The black boxes spell out NEAR CHAPEL FIND NE LOGO.

Rev. Paul Reynoldscatholic (romaN)
Rev. Johanna KiefnerluthErAn
Rev. Kevin FordintervaRsity Christian fellowsHip
Rev. Michael DeanbAPtist (southern)
Rev. Amy McCreathEpiscopaL
Dr. Thomas Chapmanchurch oF jesus chrIst latter-day saiNts
Swami TyaganandaveDaNta
Rev. Mike OlejarzassEmbLies Of GOd

Going to the MIT Chapel, solvers may find a poster with the logo shown in the northeast corner of the puzzle page. On that poster are four atomic masses of elements:

32.07Sulfur (S)
138.91Lanthanum (La)
12.01Carbon (C)
39.10Potassium (K)

The symbols of these elements spell S-La-C-K, or SLACK.