Lesson VIII-8: Throwing Your Hat In The Ring Well, you weren't planning to run, but if everyone insists, you guess you could use the $8 million you already raised in illegal campaign funds.

Legal Men

  1. Won the WWF Junior Heavyweight Title in a three-way match
  2. Threw a respect match at Superbrawl
  3. Deformed South Park enthusiast and friend of the Insane Clown Posse
  4. Wrestled a match in memory of his brother on October 4, 1999
  5. An earl who teamed up with a lord and a squire
  6. Used Arrogance as a weapon
  7. New Jack's partner for exactly one ECW Tag Title reign
  8. Arguably the Yoko Ono of 3 Live Kru
  9. Shares his nickname with the Hawaiian star of Fuji Vice
  10. WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion who sang his own theme song
  11. Was managed by Scott Levy in Levy's first WWF appearance
  12. Fourth-highest-ranking officer in the Misfits in Action
  13. His mask has often been likened to a yellow jockstrap
  14. Was attacked and replaced by Redd Dogg
  15. NWO member whose first and middle initials parodied Vince McMahon
  16. Namesake of a tournament won by Shelley and Waltman
  17. Only Tough Enough winner to hold the Intercontinental Championship
  1. Refused to shake hands at the end of the match that crowned the first ROH champion
  2. Fell through a wall on A Flair for the Gold
  3. Only man other than Hulk Hogan to wrestle at the first nine Wrestlemanias
  4. Lost his "girlfriend" through a woodchipper
  5. Received the WWF championship as a gift (it was declared vacant afterwards)
  6. Only Mexican-American to play Tiger Mask's evil twin
  7. Magically caused the Ultimate Warrior to vomit
  8. Penultimate holder of the CWF Heavyweight Championship
  9. Lost a Halloween Havoc match after being attacked with a cattle prod
  10. Won a brand new belt by defeating Owen Hart in Germany
  11. First man pinned on camera at the last Guilty as Charged
  12. Renamed three titles to reflect his Canadian heritage
  13. Shares his name with the first baseman from an Abbott & Costello routine
  14. Cut a promo as the host of "Monday Nyquil"
  15. His regular Byte This! co-host shares a name with Nailz
  16. Lost a boxing match in under a minute at Wrestlemania
  17. First victim of the double Doink phenomenon