by Dan Katz


Each photo is of a cow from the Boston Cow Parade, an art installation from this past summer. If one places them on a map of Boston and Cambridge, the cows' positions will roughly resemble the array of points, the numbers of which provide an order. The first letters of the cows' names (see http://boston.cowparade.com) taken in map number order spell OUTER SPACE (which is, of course, where the cows disappeared to).

The cows, in the order pictured:

Anatomy of a Bionic Bovine - Faneuil Hall - 8

Pablo Picowso - Copley Square - 7

Ruphus - Stuart & Tremont - 5

Udderly Science - Tech Square - 2

Cosmic Cow - Newbury Street - 9

Easy Bell - Park Street - 10

Olive - Prudential Center - 1

Trojan Cow - South Station - 3

Spirit of St. Louis - Old North Church - 6

Emmy the Emerald Necklace Cow - Copley Marriott - 4