Lesson V-1: Japanese Poetry Or as you call it/“Random words selected from/The dictionary.”

Hell Hath No Rhyme Scheme

Hippie undergrads

Are far out: Psychedelic

First curtains on Mars.

Students at Woods Hole

Find number of lattice paths.

Global Change Science?

Tuition inflates.

You will find yourselves at home

A desert island.

Crazy folks abound.

Confused rushees try to pledge

Inside Simmons Hall.

Do magnets suffer

For Course XXII mishaps

And diamond bling, yo.

An uplifting thought


Or "Institution"?

Strange biology:

From bipolar disorder?

pH PhDs.

Secret project at

Cop car on Great Dome best way

Make a cockatoo?

Have you heard the EAPS

Aptly-named Draper Lab yields

Athena is god.

Is Al Gore teaching

Joke about Ursa Major?

(This joke's one line short.)

While choosing a frat

Hindu, or Episcopal

Hey, it's not Harvard.

The Med Center ward

When 'Tute life gets a bit rough:

Just grin and bear it.

Binomial maths

Who mix up chem and math buy

To foil hackers.

Whether Muslim, Jew,

Research the best CDs for

Organic products.

Welcome, Belgian frosh.

The bursar now accepts gold

Mu Iota Tau.

CPs patrol roofs.

Does the "I" mean "Institute"

Is such a rad place!

Theses on acid

Does cloning a male chicken

Wait! Haiku don't rhyme!