by Zack Butler


To solve this puzzle, play through the video golf game. Making the cut on the front nine holes gives you access to the back nine.

Each hole has a name that anagrams to a famous PGA golfer. In order, the handicaps (given only in the scorecard at the end of each half of the course), par, name of each hole, and its anagrammed golfer are:

Front Nine:
44Plain RouteIan Poulter
25Rene's LieErnie Els
53Rodeo TwigsTiger Woods
83Mallard-proneArnold Palmer
65Aroma MakerMark O'Meara
74Commenting OrioleColin Montgomerie
33Lie Over TenLee Trevino
94Ice Rigor SagaSergio Garcia
14Lacks CIA JunkJack Nicklaus
Back Nine:
54Agrarian Pond RightPadraig Harrington
63Mile Chop LinksPhil Mickelson
74Reduce FlopsFred Couples
33Damn SeasSam Snead
25Moat TownsTom Watson
94Mere KiwiMike Weir
45Table Serves LoseSeve Ballesteros
84Men Ran GrogGreg Norman
13Falcon KidNick Faldo

Using the par of the hole as an index into the name, and ordering these letters by handicap (1-9), the front nine gives you KEEP GOING. Once you make the cut and can access the back nine, the same mechanic gives you CAMBRIDGE.