Lesson VIII-1: Flipflopping Your stance on the issues is firm, resolute, and unshakable. That is, unless the voters oppose firmness, resolution, and unshakability.

Flip Flop Ya Don't Stop

We can't stand people who constantly flipflop their position. As a demonstration, try this flipflop word search. Cut out all of the 8x4 grids and fold each 8x4 grid in half. The numbered side should be on top. Arrange the grids in a 4x4 megagrid, 1 through 4 in the top row, 5 through 8 in the second row, etc.

Start with an 8-letter word that is hiding in standard word search fashion. Draw a line through it, stopping on the last letter. Flip over the grid the last letter is in. Starting in that same square within the grid, find a new word of 5 or more letters. When you get to the end of the next word, again flip over that grid. Keep going until you've found all 37 words. Every grid will be flipped at least once.